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December 31st, 2012, 04:02 PM
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Okay, finally nailed down a first name for our first baby! YAY!!
So the first name is going to be Kaia.
Last name is Mitchell.

Middle name... well, my ever since my brother had his kids... one had a middle name honouring her side of the family, second had my dads name as a middle name.. and so my mom started bugging me on whether or not ours would have her name somewhere in it (even before I met DH she started in on it..she's teasing, but her teasing has that bite).

The issue.. her name is Myrna.. not my favourite name in the world..her middle name is Lois, which I like even less... and Kaia Myrna just..doesn't have a good ring to it. But, I also can't really find another middle name I like to go with it...

Your thoughts? Should I go with Kaia Myrna? Or do you have any other ideas for a good middle name?

Edited to add.. My other name preference would be Kaia Lillian or Kaia Lily
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