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December 31st, 2012, 11:07 PM
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Since Parker was diagnosed with IUGR he needed to be delivered at 37 weeks to make sure he came out healthy and was getting the nutrients he needed. So, his story begins on Saturday December 29th 2012 at 6pm when we went in to the hospital to start my induction.

When we arrived at the hospital we were sent to our labor and delivery room and began to get things set up. This is when the portion of my story I call the "Saga of the IV" began lol. So I had my main nurse that was getting me ready and putting in a bunch of information to get things rolling, and then another nurse came in to start the IV since my main one was busy. This woman decided to place my IV in my right wrist, for what reason I have no idea since I have good veins all over ready for the stabbin'. So when she did this she put the IV in in a way that was so painful and deep in that I couldn't move my wrist or thumb without pain...on my dominant hand! I let it go for a bit, but when the night nurse came on at 7 I asked her about it and she said she could try to change it as long as she was able to find a good vein. I immediately went for that option, this IV was really bothering me, but little did I know that was a BAD idea lol! She stabbed me once on the back of my right hand trying to replace and ended up blowing the vein!! It hurt so bad I was holding back tears and made a huge bruised lump on my hand, I couldn't believe it. So then she went to the other hand to try...after me saying nevermind put it back in my wrist lol. She stuck me in the back of my left hand...couldn't get it to flow and bruised up that hand too!! At this point i have bandaids all over my hands and i can barely move my fingers without pain so she goes to get someone else to complete the IV (thankfully!). The next woman was able to come in, place it in my left wrist appropriately (no pain during every movement) within minutes. It was so frustrating and SO painful. This was one of the lowest points of my entire induction LOL.

Continuing on, once everything was all set my main nurse checked my cervix and found that I was already 3cm dilated and 75% effaced from all of the walking and such I had been doing all week. Since I was supposed to start with cervidil to prepare my cervix, she ended up cancelling that option due to my progression and just had me stay the night without meds and just with monitoring until pitocin in the morning. The evening was actually really fun and nice, my sister had come into town so her and my husband hung out playing cards and joking around until about 11 when we went to bed. Unfortunately Parker decided his last night in my belly he would spend partying and he would not stop moving from 1130pm until 2am! I got next to no sleep!!

I got up early Sunday morning, took a shower, and we started the pitocin right at 5:30am. They upped the dosage every 15-30 minutes, and at first I didn't feel much besides cramping, about for the first 3.5 hours, and sat there watching TV chatting with hubby and sister. At 8:45am I felt and heard the strangest noise, a sort of faint pop, and it came from me! My water broke on its own, literally 3 minutes before my doctor walked in the room to break it. He basically walked in and turned around and walked out saying "I'll see you in a few hours" lol! From then the pain started for sure. Contractions got much worse and seemed to be getting closer together. I asked for an IV pain med at about 930am and was given something that I really didn't want to take, but since I hadn't progressed past 3cm yet they were holding off on an epidural. The med made me very out of it and drowsy, but the pain was manageable for the first hour and a half, then it started wearing off. My pain started to get a little out of hand by 1030am, so I asked (or pleaded lol) for an epidural. I had progressed to 5cm at this point so I was good to get the epi, but the doc was in with another patient already so I had to wait! That 45 minutes took FOREVER! But once the anesthesiologist got in there he was really good at his job and got it in and going real quick. By 11:35 I was pain free and feeling SO much better.

A very short while after the epidural I mentioned to my nurse I was feeling slight pressure and she said "well then you're probably complete!" I said "no way, I was only just at a 5 and I doubt I feel THAT much pressure!" But lo and behold I was actually complete at 1150am! Since Parker was still a little high we decided to labor down for about an hour or so before pushing so I wouldn't be pushing for so long. I was great with that idea, and just laid there for about an hour and a half chatting and anxiously waiting to push.

At around 1:30pm my nurse came in and got me situation and started me with pushing to get Parker ready for the doc. Three contractions and he was just about ready to be born so we held off for the doc to come in a minute. Doc came in, quickly got ready because not much was keeping Parker in at this point lol, and in my fourth contraction I pushed and Parker literally came SHOOTING out! LOLOL I mean the doc had to catch and my husband and sister got hit with some amniotic fluid (gross I know, but still hilarious!). I suppose with a little guy like him I didn't quite need such a hard last push LOL. He cried right away and so did I, I just couldn't believe it, we had our little boy and I actually did it!

Parker was cleaned off and we did skin to skin for an hour and a half or so, which was amazing. He was sent to the NICU to grow and learn how to feed for awhile, but he has been doing well so we hope he will be going home with us soon. It is torture not having him with me constantly, but he is doing well and that's way more important. We are so awestruck by him, it's absolutely amazing.

Pics to come!!

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