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January 1st, 2013, 11:48 PM
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Hello!!My 8 year old daughter Paige has been regressing on her potty training for the past couple weeks, I'm at wits end with her. But let me start at the beginning, in October 21st,I gave birth to my seventh daughter Stephanie and my 8 year old daughter Paige seemed excited about having little sister. But since early December, she has been acting jealously towards her little sister and being saying that she wants to be treated like her. This month,she has been refusing to go potty and saying that she will only go with an adult to help her. I try to take her but if there is not an adult,she will go in her pants just like any toddler.I have asked her why she does it and her response is, "Well you don't mind when Stephanie goes in her pants."I know she is doing it for attention and I have gotten to the point that I have made her clean her messy or wet panties with my supervision.I taken away big girl privileges but nothing seemed to work. I have told her older sisters who are 13,17 and 23 to promise her to do big girl things if she goes potty like big girl she is but nothing seems to work. It has affected my 2 year old identical twin daughters who I'm trying to potty train, they see Paige not wanting to go potty and they don't want potty train. I homeschool her but I rather focus on her school work when I start her schooling on January 20th than having her go through potty training with her. Any suggestions would be appreciated, I'm truly frustrated.

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