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January 2nd, 2013, 09:29 AM
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I'm always planning ahead lol. My bday is in two weeks, mil is the week after. Then Valentines and nieces bday same day. March 11 is my daughters bday and she wants her ears pierced and the next day is my 9 year anniversary. I started looking yesterday for what I can get hubby for Valentines. He usually picks up some candy for the kids that day. The main thing I need to figure out is where I can take my daughter to get her ears pierced. For Easter, we do a little bit of candy but mostly little toys, movies, coloring books, puzzles. I have a little bit of that already and pick stuff up each time I go to the dollar store. We also alternate parties, so this year my 3 year old will have his big party. His bday is the end of May but since it's Memorial Day weekend, we'll do it the first weekend in June.
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