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January 2nd, 2013, 11:32 AM
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This is such a goood question, because have been wanting to post such topic.
I pride myself not in a stuck up way..but the fact that I have been able thus far to train all my children at around average age of year and half. (And i mean pee, poop, no wearing night diaper when I say trained ) youngest one was 15 months. DD1..

The only issue I have had is with Ds4- he started out great going as planned until he started wetting the bed???!! HHuuh ....I tried everything ignoring it, reminding him, stop drinks 4hrs before bed, wake him up during night to go, nite light on, we even took him recently to a oncololigist>? he did an ultrasound in that area and tests and it all came back perfect..said just give him more time he is 4 so we will recheck later if still having problems??? He is the only one out my children that do this??

I would really love to hear your experiences as well....what do you do how do you address it? how old is too old?
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