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January 2nd, 2013, 05:07 PM
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CD 1
I'm not hopeful bout this cycle since Dh won't be home during my fertile time. I'm wondering if he will be home next month as well. I guess time will tell. I got my test results back and like I thought my diabetes was normal and my thyroid was as well but my vitamin d was extremely low. So not what I wanted to hear. Well at least not what I thought I was going to hear. They going to RX me something whenever she get back to me. I remembered a few times jm members saying that they re checked their vitamin d and it was low and after few months got prego. I wanted to get this checked but my Dr at the time refused. I didn't even asked this Dr n she ran the test. The nurse said it is extremely low. I'm going to ask d nurse the actual number. I did some research and found that this can cause infertility. I'm sure this is not my main problem but its something I can def fix. I have somethings that I want to do this coming year so I can have my 2013 baby. I will def keep u ladies posted. Happy New Years Ladies!

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