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January 2nd, 2013, 06:56 PM
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Name: Katie

Baby's Name: Bailey Grace

Baby's Age: She'll be 4 months tomorrow (Thursday)!!!!

Update on baby please!! Bailey is the sweetest little thing. Hardly cries, is so smiley and happy. She is content most of the time. She's babbling a lot now and enjoys social interactions and back and forth "conversations". She prefers to sit up and is just shy of being able to sit up on her own.

Health wise, she's still very tiny. She had her third round of blood work done today. They took so much! 7-8 vials and they all had to be venous. So hard to watch that and I cry while she's screaming her head off. Apparently, the geneticist wanted a ton more results to begin his investigative process. We go back to her ped next week to check her weight and go over the lab results, then she'll be going to the geneticist.
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