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January 2nd, 2013, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by LifeToTheMax View Post
But I'm enjoying looking at wedding venues I have to pick a state first, though
This made me chuckle!

Amy - good job on those essays! 10 down is better than 0 down!

Kris - I hate T is not sleeping. I think Evan is doing the same thing. He is so nosy and outgoing that he is afraid he will miss something. He needs more sleep or gets sick. We put him to bed tonight at 7:45 so he'd get the rest he needs. Of course he just came downstairs and said he was scared on the monster in his closet...but he still love us.

Coetta - baby stuff is so exciting!! Do you have a way you want to reveal to other family/friends?

Bethany - your HALF is so close!!! Are you excited? Nervous? Ready??

Just chiling out tonight. Inservice today was horrible. We had 6 hours on understanding poverty. While it was interesting and I learned a lot, it was too long to just sit. We then had a 1.5 discussion on security. It just made me sad. The University of Memphis head of security (who happens to be married to our division director) came and talked about school shootings and what we can do. Basically this is what I got - if someone wants to come in a shoot people in your school (or in a movie theater or in a mall) there isn't a single security measure you can take. You can have a plan in action to buy yourself some time but no locked doors or buzzer or mace is going to keep that person out. So we worked on practical solutions for if an unwanted stranger enters the building. It was draining.
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