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January 2nd, 2013, 10:21 PM
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Accidents happen. But, if the game is so important that he won't stop and go when he needs to, you may need to get firm. Reme knows if he has accidents during the day, he loses what ever he was playing with when he has the accident.

Reme doesn't play with out one of us awake so that's not an issue. During the day every couple of hours, I send him to pee. We pause the game, he goes, and then he can come back. If I am the one playing, I pause it, I pee, he pees and then I play again. We don't give him the option not to go. Sometimes he only gets a few dribbles, other times I wonder if he's peeing out his body weight, I call him Reme the Camel on a regular basis.

I'd go tough on it right away, we had to. We haven't had a daytime accident that was more than a few dribbles in almost a year.

Nighttime... totally different story
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