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January 2nd, 2013, 10:32 PM
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My best "advice"...change what you did with your first two sons. Look at your diet, your weight, your pattern of weight gain/loss, how stressed you were, how you were sleeping, how ofen you were having sex to conceive, etc, etc. Generally there will be patterns. Below are some "generalizations"...some of which you can't change (such as work stress or sleeping better). And if some dont apply, maybe try to do the opposite of what made boys for YOU. Just because they say infrequent sex leads to girls doesn't mean that is true for you. Both of my boys were one-shot wonders (with no sexual relations for a good month beforehand), whereas my girl on the way was conceived with frequent intercourse (sorry TMI).

Sleeping well= boy
Gaining weight=boy
High nutrient density=boy
High muscle mass=boy
Regular sex, but not daily=boy
High sperm count=boy

Things that dont seem to mean a lot scientifically:

Specific foods being girl/boy

A lot of swaying information is just wrong. Science-wise. There is no magic food, no magic timing, no magic position, or anything you can "put under your bed" to conceive a certain gender. But logically, if you try to change as much as you can about your personal conditions to conceive the opposite sex, it's your best chance. It did work for me, unintentionally. I realized I had near-opposite conceptions from my first two children to my third. So I started to do some more reading about swaying and found lots of neat data to back up the fact that I "did" sway, just not on purpose. So, I do think it can work. But I have seen more people try to follow a "diet" or "timing" or "the Chinese gender chart" only to find it failed them. So I think taking a more personal approach and just changing things you can change is a good way to get a girl. Good luck!
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