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January 2nd, 2013, 11:54 PM
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Not stupid at all.

So when the ship is in port he just went to base and worked on the boat. Doing matience, trouble shooting different things, making sure it's electrical was up to par (he's an electrician.) Then when the ship went underway it would do practice missions of the coast. He would be gone for 3 months for the underways. There are a lot of those to prepare the ship for deployment. The boat has to be qualified to deploy which is what the underways do. Then when they deploy its 6-8 months. Once the ship returns usually its undeployable for a year. It needs matience things to be fixed ect. But sometimes it is required that it deploy again. Luckily that didnt happen to us. Now this was our life on an aircraft carrier. When we went to a new ship we didnt do any deployments because the ship was to small. On that boat he went to work did electrical work and came home. When he did leave he was gone for a few days helping subs practice shooting torpedoes. But that boat could only sustain life for a week, so it was nice.

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