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January 3rd, 2013, 08:18 AM
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Did Teresa sleep better for you tonight Kris??

Amanda that sounds horribly draining and depressing So sad that we will constantly have to worry about those situations.

I think for telling the rest of our friends and family we'll just have to post an ultrasound on FB. Everyone who lives near us already knows now!

On this topic....a few days before we told anyone IRL DH's SIL announced she was preggo and due a day before me. I was all excited to go through it all with someone IRL, but after we told the family her response was that she's kinda upset about us being pregnant at the same time. I guess with her other two pregnancies DH's other sister was pregnant also both times. So she wanted this time all to herself? I dont get it, just seems a little c a t t y to me!
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