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January 3rd, 2013, 09:47 AM
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Haha! Its either almost halfway over or just beginning. According to fertilityfriend, I'm 6 dpo. Attain/tcoyf says I'm 5 dpo. It's also possible I'm only 2-3 dpo since my first few temps were higher than previous ones but lower than most of my post-O temps so I may have just O'd a couple days ago. I guess it's also possible I just had a slow rise this cycle. I had some darker opks after they'd gotten faint again, but never another positive and I don't usually opk after they go negative so I guess it could've been a fluke or maybe they are always like that post-O. I hope I O'd when I got those first positive opks because otherwise I think I'm out. We haven't had a chance to bd since Saturday since we had a houseguest. In a way though, not knowing is less stressful. I won't be testing early since I'm not sure of my dpo.

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