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January 3rd, 2013, 11:30 AM
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Good afternoon ladies! I did a lot of research about charting and BBT, CM and stuff before AF returned postpartum, but now that it is here, I am realizing that I have questions that I didn't realize I had before... Ok the first question is really embarrassing so I'm sorry if it grosses people out...

1.) Sometimes I have a hard time discerning CM from "stuff" that is still in there from BD the night before... does anyone else have this issue? Am I just weird?
2.) How long do you all have EWCM before you ovulate? When I first noticed the return of CM, which indicated that AF would be soon returning, I started charting and there were many days in a row that I had EWCM but I did not believe I was actually ovulating yet so I didn't waste OPKs and I had temps all over the place, which I assume was from getting up to nurse multiple times per night. Now, I have negative OPKs but I notice what I believe is EWCM (as opposed to "stuff") so I'm getting all excited that I'm about to ovulate but I don't know if that is necessarily true...
3.) Related to the above, I can totally understand stressing about the TWW and trying to pass the time, but does anyone out there also stress about waiting for ovulation day?? I see some people O on CD9, 10, 11 etc. but I'm on CD10 and keep staring at the OPKs waiting for that dark line... almost as exciting as when I got my BFP with #1!
4.) How long prior to ovulating do you all get ovulation pain? I thought I felt a little something yesterday and then definitely felt something today... but I have never paid attention to ovulation pain before, and I'm not even sure what it is... so on another note, can people describe what they feel personally??
5.) I just realized today when I decided to try and feel my cervix that I haven't reached up there since I was pregnant... and before I was pregnant I remember always having a hard time discerning what was what up there so I didn't even consider using cervical position as part of my charting, but today I could DEFINITELY tell where my cervix was (probably due to loads of info from my Bradley Method classes) and that is where I located some EWCM. How do others chart their cervix position? How do you know what is high vs low or soft vs firm or is this something I will just have to compare to myself throughout my cycle phases?

I know I have a million more questions but lets just start with that!!! I have resumed charting since AF returned and I am trying to find my notepad where I recorded temps prior to giving up so I can put them in FF but for now I only have two temps, today 97.58 and two days ago 97.70. Again, CD10. I know it is a lot to ask but if anyone can provide input on any of the questions, even if not all of them, I would very much appreciate it!
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