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January 3rd, 2013, 12:23 PM
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lol ill start!

Who's still hangin on!?
Me & Bubbs are stilllll here. . .

Baby's clothes/diaper size now:
2t clothes 5 diapers.

How many teefers:
6 top 2 bottom

How old are they now:
he will be 13 months on sat.

only walking now. . . oh and running grrr. . .lol

Favorite toy:
He got this guitar called a "woofer" he loves that. And his trucks, stuffed animals, his bounce house thing.

Height/Weight (if you know it):
at 12m he was 30lbs even 33 inches tall. he's prolly the same still

Favorite food:
Graham crackers definitely lol right now that is his fav, he goes to the cabinet opens it and points at them. says yah?? lol hilarious.

Will you TTC this year: yes we willlllll

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