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January 3rd, 2013, 12:30 PM
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He's usually fine. But with this new game, it's a bit ridiculous!

His dad is working today, and when he gets back tomorrow morning, it's going to be family time not video game time.

I told him last night, "If you get up before me and play video games make sure you take bathroom breaks. The game does have a pause button for a reason dude." and he giggled and said Okay.

I think Eric will tell him if it happens again he's going to lose the game. I mean he's like 15 feet from the bathroom.

He has a problem with telling us things at the very last second too though. He waits until we are at the back corner of the grocery store to tell us he has to go to the bathroom. And usually, by the time he even brings it up, he has to go super bad and can't hold it. he does the same thing with drinks. We'll walk out the door after being home all day and get in the car and he'll say, "I'm so thirsty!" And we've gotten to the point where we now tell him, well you're not going to die, you're gonna have to wait. You've had ALL day to get yourself a drink.
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