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January 3rd, 2013, 01:41 PM
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I know this is an older post but thought id give some insight as ive worked in the feild for the past 6 years.

When attempting to get urine from a cat we will first try and do a cysto. This involves placing a needle into the bladder and extracting urine. We usually always try this option first, if the owners give permission. This is probably uncomfortable but it does not seem painful. Most cats are very frightened coming to the vet but when placed in position and the needle is inserted, most do not move or howl as if they are in pain. I know this process seems awful, (Would i want a large needle put through my stomach into my bladder - Heck no!) but its a quick, easy method. Sometimes the cats bladder is not full enough and we just cannot extract urine.

We will then ask to keep the cat for observation and hope that he/she will pee while with us. We will place the cat in a cozy kennel with a litterbox and No Sorb pellets. Cats like to have something to dig so these pellets give the allusion that its a normal litterbox. The urine is not absorbed and we are able to syringe up the urine. We will sometimes administer fluids to help the process so the cat can produce urine.

And then there are occasions that neither of these options work. At one of my clinics, we have urine kits we have owners go home with which includes an aluminum pan, the pellets and a syringe and testing tube for you to place the urine for you to drop it off.
A simple and cheaper option is to buy an aluminam baking pan from price chopper and use popcorn kernels as the litter replacement. ask the vet for a syringe (usually they wont charge you for them) and you can place the urine sample in a tupaware container.
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