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January 3rd, 2013, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Ember Rose View Post
With the drink thing he might just want a drink from a store. A canteen in my purse for M fixed that.

Has he been checked out for ADD or ADHD?
His mom insists he has it, yet when we called her out on it, she claims she never said he had it. It's all typical stuff my brother and I did when we were young. I ALWAYS had to pee in grocery stores. We've been pretty good about asking right when we get there, or before we leave. But sometimes, we do just say hey get your shoes on lets go. And he does that and we leave and there isnt time for him to go to the bathroom real quick.

Originally Posted by plan4fate View Post
We get the drinks thing here too. He's starting to catch on now that he's NOT getting a drink unless it comes from a water fountain.. and he doesn't really like water. If there is no water fountain, DH will buy water.

Lately I've been watching him slip capri suns into his coat pocket. Which is great.. except he forgets to take them out and then his seat belt doesn't fit right *oi*.
I dunno if you remember from a while ago, but O is also a drink chugger. We seem to have stopped that though. If he downs his entire drink as soon as we sit down for dinner, he knows he can't get a refill until we're done.
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