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January 3rd, 2013, 04:34 PM
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This was our second attempt. The first was in July and it went ok. The doctors thought I responded to the meds well...actually too well. They kept telling me my levels were too high but when they took my eggs it turned out that out of 14 only 5 were mature enough to attempt fertilization. We had already planned to use ICSI where they inject the sperm into the egg because DH has severe issues. All 5 fertlized but only one made it to a good stage of growth on the day of transfer and it was of average quality. They are graded with AA being the highest and DD being the lowest and DD is not suitable for transfer. The one we transfered in July was a B-C. The B- is the part that actually becomes the baby and the C is the part that becomes the placenta. Weird but the second letter is what natters the most because the baby part tends to develop no matter what but the placenta needs to be good for implantation and anything below a B has been shown to have an inscrease in risk for miscarriage.

I knew right away that it didn't work. It was just a feeling I had.

The second time around in Sept/Oct. We ran into the same issues but they upped my meds which put me at high risk for complications but we ended up getting 18 eggs and 15 mature and 14 fertlized. Most didn't develop to high quality but three did and they were graded BB. We chose to put back two even though we knew we were in a significantly better place than we were in the first cycle. I still didn't think both would take. DH says he knew the moment he saw the little blobs of cells on the screen at the transfer that it was going to be twins. I had too much fear of it failing again to even consider the thought of only putting back one. I knew it was our last chance.

With our one frozen its not much of an issue of wanting to have another one but more of cost. It would be about $4000 to use it and we've already paid $500 to store it until June. Then we have to move it and pay another $500 to store it for a year. We did all of this through a military program which was cheaper than regular doctors but DH is getting out in June and we won't have that option again.

We've both agreed that we will never prevent again and if it happens it happens. After all of this we would never not want a baby.

Sorry for the book haha.

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