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January 3rd, 2013, 05:23 PM
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Hi ladies,

I don't talk too much on here, sorry about that. But anywhoo here's my dilemma, I feel like I need to talk with ladies who have been through similar events.

So I have made the decision to reenlist (Army Active Duty) this moth. I just can't see how we can bring in a new addition to our family and cut our salary in half completely, plus the job economy out there. There civilian world is scary, I'll give it that. As part of an incentive to my reenlistment, I'm reenlisting for station of choice. I decided to go with Fort Knox, KY. Fort Knox is only 7 hours away from my family. It will make things much easier when it comes to having the baby and making a family care plan.

BUT the catch is that the only brigade there deploys this summer! I'm really worried about my hubby deploying before the birth of our child. It just seems so scary to go through such a life changing event without him Not too mention he'll miss possibly the biggest day in his life besides his own birth.

Also if they deploy early summer, like before I have the baby. I will most likely deploy as well, as soon as November and join my husband in Afghanistan. This part I don't mind too much. I'd rather take a shorter tour 5-6 months than turn around 6-12 months later and do a full tour during the early years of our child's life.

I'm just not sure if I/we should take the chance in him missing the birth of our child. But with any duty station we pick, there's always the chance. I think I just needed to vent/talk a little. Sorry for the long rant guys :/

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