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January 4th, 2013, 02:22 PM
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Black Rose,
Don't feel silly. I'm doing the same thing only I just had my mirena removed on Wednesday the 2nd . My boyfriend and I really really want a baby. I told myself that I wouldn't do this and get to overly excited about it, so I have been searching online for all possibilities. Just so that I know.

**For the other ladies** I had the paragard in for 3years and only had the mirena for 2 months reason I had to remove the paragard was because it became dislocated. So I then wanted to try the mirena. It was great for awhile then I noticed large clumps of hair started to fall out and I would bleed a little every time my boyfriend and I had intercourse and just while I was on Christmas break in Idaho I found out there was a law suit for the mirena. So I decided to remove it immediately and just leave are chances to fate but I really want a baby asap! I just wonder if there is anyone with a story out there like mine. If so how long did it take to get pregnant? Was it successful? Did you do anything certain like take vitamins or eat differently? Since I'm bleeding now is that counted as a period?

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