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January 4th, 2013, 04:57 PM
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I am bonafied certified granola crunching baby raiser. Ha. Without even caring or trying for the title, lol. Our house might as well be "Little house" in the city (instead of prairie).

I know so many moms who this title is so important to. I couldn't really care less. We homebirth (does water birth give bonus points?!), I encapsulated my own placenta, homeschool, babywear, cloth diaper, feed babies straight from the tap, room share (with boundaries), co-sleep when necessary (with boundaries), eat organic, cook from scratch (freezer meals in my house are made with love by hand, not found in the freezer section), delay solids (no need to make baby food from scratch- we just wait till they can feed themselves), my extended family are farmers (going generations back) and we join them in Tenn every harvest and help with canning in exchange for food (this is awesome because there is no space for a garden in our small lot), we do not use birth control (anymore), make our own soaps/shampoos/moisturizers, live minimalistically, recycle, shop second hand, and more.

But- I have short hair, tattoos, wear make up, live in the city, and don't look like a hippie.

Do I do this because of my 4 kids? No, not really. I was like this before I had my first (although she was not a homebirth). I think in some ways being crunchy makes things harder than easier (cooking/laundry/etc). But the grass is always greener on the other side, isn't it? It's not so much of a burden that it will change my lifestyle. I'm convicted for many reasons on the way I live my life, but my religion plays the biggest role: my philosophy of health and wellness and efforts to care for our beautiful earth.
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