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January 4th, 2013, 09:31 PM
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Thanks, my twins were born 16 weeks early also, and that is why he did not make it. I just thank heaven everyday for the opportunity I have with my daughter. It really just reminds me of what an amazing thing twins are!

Baby B was always really high for me too. She cramped my stomach and made it really hard to eat and caused a lot of pain. Baby A also, like you, sat really low on my cervix. While they are this little, they will move around alot and sometimes B will get up really high. Hopefully you will get some breaks when he moves. Eventually they will find a spot where they kind of just stay because they run out of room. (I could always tell the nurses literally EXACTLY where to find their heartbeats because they never were able to really move. And then if you are lucky they will both get into a headdown position and hopefully it will help you be able to breathe a little better!

I have a short torso too, so I got really uncomfortable early. I felt like I was in my 3rd tri at like 15 weeks! You will grow outward farther than you think your skin will be able to stretch! Have faith it will though! lol
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