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January 5th, 2013, 08:51 AM
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With my c/s, as they were stitchin' me back up, my DH (and my mom) both left the OR with my daughter to go be with her in the nursery, where at that time they bathed her and did a few tests etc...Even though I wasn't able to be with her immediatly after the c/s it gave me peace to know that my DH and family were until she could be in my arms. I believe it was after being in recovery and into a room that I finally got to see my daughter (but that was 8 years ago so maybe they have changed their policy lol) I would LOVE to be able to hold this little one WHILE I'm in recovery. I believe that if you express to the doctors and nurses that it means SO much to you to have contact with them immediatly after and wish to breastfeed, I am SURE they will let ya Just make sure you press the issue so they KNOW how important it is to you
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