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January 5th, 2013, 10:21 AM
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Yea, I had 3 c/s's and BFed all of them for 18-24 months a piece. A birthplan/baby care plan is vital. Hand it out to everyone involved. Your DH will have to take over while they're stitching you up and they whisk the babies to the nursery for clean up. He'll have to make sure they know your wishes. Hopefully you have them vaginally though *thinking good thoughts for you*.

With bFing, my all time favorite position post c/s is the side lying position. that way the baby's head is in your arm-pit and your arm goes up behind your head. You can relax your body and the baby won't be on your sore belly. Relaxing helps the milk come down. Of course the Perkosett or Vicodin they have you on will take most of the recovery pain away so don't worry about that.

I know that postition only works for one baby at a time so maybe just sitting propped up with a boppy pillow or two? C/s recovery pain is pretty much gone after a month (for me) so your first month will be the toughest I gather.

Maybe this article will help: How To Breast-feed Twins After A C Section | LIVESTRONG.COM

And here's a sample 'twin birthplan'. Hopefully something in that helps too.
They Call Me Mama: Twin Birth Plan - Sample for a natural hospital birth
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