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January 5th, 2013, 12:24 PM
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With my first c-section back in 2003 I was separated from my girls for a very long time post-birth due to my complications so BFing got off to a very bad start. They were given bottles and I don't think I got to try to nurse until the next morning, maybe? It's all a fog, honestly. Needless to say, they were bottle fed before I even left the hospital.

With my son I guess I got lucky because I was in a pretty forward thinking facility and they really never separated me from my son after birth. They did all of his newborn testing & exams right there in the OR while they were stitching me up, and then he was given to me in recovery to do skin-to-skin and nurse. He briefly left us for a bath while I got settled into my postpartum room and then he came back and was with us virtually my entire stay. BFing got off to a great start, overall. I don't think my c-section hindered it a bit. Just be clear about your intentions. They can't take your child away from you without your permission.
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