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January 5th, 2013, 02:14 PM
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The only honest to goodness difference I had can be if you don't go into labour prior to your casarean it can take longer for your milk to come. My first casarean I was in labour etc and my milk was there no problem. The second and third caesareans it took 2-4 days for me to fill up! But don't give up keep letting them nurse it will come!

Also bring this up to your delivery doctor as long as you are healthy enough there is no reason you shouldn't get baby and be able to have the best start!

I'm amazed about your sister ... Babies really don't need to be fed that quickly after birth. But maye if they knew she wasn't going to nurse anyways...!

Another helpful hint! If you do have the casarean! Once they get you up, I always found it much better to get out of the bed and go sit on a real chair and nurse with my nursing pillow! Those hospital beds wher I've been (3 diff hospitals) the beds don't get you to that complete upright position and you it's hard using your core muscles to hold baby up and nurse and all that! Much less tiring to go sit in a proper chair!!

And remember! No matter how it goes do what feels right for you and babies and don't let any nurse or doctor make decisions for you! It's hard when you are in that vulnerable emotional state to stay focused! The birth plan, even if its just between you and your SO is a great idea!
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