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January 5th, 2013, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by TeresaV View Post
So, I have had a very hard time finding maternity clothing in my area. My bras are too tight and my pants are no longer comfortable. I was shocked to find out that places like J.C. Penny don't even carry maternity clothing. I asked a woman at JC where the maternity clothing was, and she said "oh honey, we haven't carried maternity wear in a long time," all while giving me that look like "why would you come HERE looking for THAT." I was so discouraged. I bought a couple of nursing bras from Target, and they were the most uncomfortable bras I have ever worn in my life.

I then discovered Motherhood Maternity. What a freakin Godsend. The woman working there was SO helpful. Being a firsttimer, I wasn't entirely sure WHAT I needed, and she took the time to explain sizing and whatnot. I got a couple of bras that are super comfy. I also bought something that I thought I would never buy: maternity underwear. I never understood the need for it, but it is SOOOOO comfortable. I may just continue wearing it after the baby comes.
Haha! You sound just like me last weekend. I went to our local JC penny's and discovered the same thing. Luckily we have a outlet mall about 20 min away that has a motherhood maternity and I stocked up. The sales associates were so helpful and I love the clothes. Some could even pass for regular clothes I can wear after baby is here! Our local Kohls had a very small selection of maternity. When I was preg with DS they had a lot more, guess department stores are getting away from stocking maternity wear.

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