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January 5th, 2013, 03:36 PM
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Yes, I'm a crunchy mom but like Que - not into labels. I simply followed my extremely young parenting instincts and went with that (I married at 17 and had my first at 18). It wasn't until like #5 or something that I heard the term crunch. So since I started with the first one it definitely wasn't for my family size.

I literally breastfed because that's how it was done in the Bible - later I learned all the benefits and became a lactation educator and councelor.

I drug-free birthed in a hospital until I learned that you could actually give birth in a home - ON PURPOSE! I chose to one in the hospital after that due to so many complications during pregnancy - but because I owned the birth, it still turned out pretty stinkin' excellent (and everything was perfect - no issues) - those doctors didn't know what to do with me.

I don't vax, vit k, or do the eye goop or allow babe away from me at all. If they are getting weighed, I put them on the scale, etc. I don't follow hospital "rules" for keeping babe in basinett either or any of that stuff "they" want. I followed my instincts and let it be at that.

I co-slept because I instinctually felt I should. Sleeping apart felt unnatural. They all left for their own beds in their own time.

The only thing I followed at first was when to intro solids - it didn't feel right to do it so young but what did I know at 18. With subsequent children I followed my instinct more and more until I skipped baby food altogether and went straight to table foods. Umm, I also don't follow the typical introduction schedule either ... I follow introductions by which types of teeth erupt which indicate which enzymes are being produced therefore they are ready for certain types of foods.

I cloth diapered. It's actually hard to say why I started. Only a little bit of it had to do with saving money (and yes they do save money even with all the washing - I've added it up including the laundry detergent - which I make). By the time number 5 came around I was making my own and having a ball.

I use cloth, the keeper, and sea sponge tampons. I did it for health reasons. Saving money is only a side benefit.

I make all my own cleaners, hygiene products, etc. That also has to do with health. I changed one thing at a time until it was old hat and it was simply a part of my routine to make up a batch. Then I moved on to something else until it became old hat.

I was seriously into babywearing... and plan to wear my grandbabies when they are with me I owned a couple of strollers that didn't get much use unless grandma was using them!

I make almost all of our meals from scratch. This was born out of two separate but equal necessities: 1) food allergies; 2) we were a dirt poor military family barely scraping by (with only a couple children). This has now expanded into gardening and raising chickens.... which is still ever expanding.

I know there's more but I gotta run!
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