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January 5th, 2013, 07:39 PM
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Originally Posted by BeckyBozeman View Post
Actually talked to my midwife about this when she came for a visit yesterday. What she told me is that breastfed babies sleep less deeply than formula fed babies (and SIDS is much more of a danger if baby is sleeping really soundly) and that makes cosleeping make much more sense if you're breastfeeding. I also know that, having slept next to her for the past couple of nights, there's no way I could roll over onto her. She makes the slightest sound or movement and I'm awake and I'm very aware of her. My DH is different in that I have to keep explaining to him why she needs to be by me and not in between us. I think he's a little offended at the idea that he's not as aware of her. But all I have to do is ask him how many times she cried during the night and when he has no idea he realizes it's just not true...Poor daddies!!
If I put Maggie between us, DH won't sleep at all. He just lays there awake, scared to death that he'll roll over on her so I have to put on the other side of me, otherwise the poor guy won't get any sleep.

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