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January 5th, 2013, 07:05 PM
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I think it depends a lot on moms personality.. Some moms love it! Others (such as myself) find it very challenging. I'm a mega introvert, OCD and I like to plan; That all had to go out the window!

Mine are 18 months apart (So I conceived when DS1 was 8.5 months old, while exclusivity breastfeeding). I had always considered 18 months to be the perfect spacing. I wanted them close in age, but didn't consider/realize how much of a baby an 18 month old still really is! It was Hard! It didn't help that DS2 had really severe colic and "reflux" (related to sensitivities of foods I was eating. Once I figured that out, that part got better) and I had bad ppd that lasted a whole year. The sleep deprivation on top of caring for two needy babies was too much for this mama. I mean I did it and I survived, but it wasn't easy, and I wouldn't choose that again. In the future we plan to allow at least 18 months between pregnancies.

Parenting style also has it's role, imo. I think if you are okay with a more traditional parenting style (scheduled, sleep training, etc..) it might be easier. I'm very AP. I wanted to do extended breastfeeding, but my milk dried up when I was 5 months along (DS1 was 14 months, which would be considered "extended" to most, but I could tell he wasn't really ready to wean, and I had hoped to make it to 2years old) We co-sleep, and baby wear. Once DS2 came along it was harder to do those things with DS1, even though he was still little and wanted it. I am NOT saying that you can't AP with closely spaced littles, but it all needs to be considered before hand. Are you okay weaning early if your milk dries up right away?

And lastly, moms health needs to be considered. I know a lot of moms would scoff this notion, but pregnancy and breastfeeding take a lot out of you, and you needs time to rebuild your stores in between babies to keep from getting nutritionally depleted and causing adrenal fatigue. I think, even though I was eating a very healthy nutrient dense diet, my body needed more time to recover, and that may be part of what contributed to my ppd.

I'm really not trying to scare you, but these are things I hadn't considered. I just want moms to be aware of all the little details, and take care of their bodies. Obviously every one is different, and many moms never have these problems. But babies are a lot of work. there's no need to rush things. A few months can make a world of difference.

As for pregnancy and birth with DS2; I had a pretty uneventful pregnancy, and a home water birth. DS1 was there for the birth, and it all went great. so that part was relatively easy. except for my milk drying up.

Sorry to write a book!

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