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January 5th, 2013, 11:03 PM
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Who here has had both a medicated (pain meds) and a non-medicated birth? I did! I am new and my name is Kelly. I had my daughter in Feb of 08 with an epidural and I had my son in Sep of 09 with no medication.

What sort of medication did you have? Epidural and pitocin with my daughter, with my son I had nothing because I was progressing too fast!

Which birth was "easier"?

Well I got an epidural with my daughter when I was 6-7 cm dialated and right after my water broke the contrations got really painful! Once I got my epidural I had no pain at all and was very numb I couldn't ever really feel when I needed to push. I felt like I wasn't really experiencing labor and it seemed like it took a long time for the epidural to wear off for me to be able to walk. I tore pretty badly because I pushed too fast so my recovery was no fun!

With my son I was already 8 cm when I got to the hospital and by the time I got to my room I was 9-10and just waiting a little longer to push. I had no time for any medication and I had no choice but to deliver him all on my own. I must admit I was soo afriad that I couldn't do it but my OB had lots of faith in me. I will never forget my urge to push and I just knew that I was really experiencing labor full force this time around and even though I was in pain my body just pushed right though. I even had a mirror and I couldn't see his head at first but then I was able to see his head. I now know that the "ring of fire" moment would be coming so I just somehow pushed through the pain and then saw his body come up and then they put my son on my chest and all my pain instantly vanished! I was soo amazed at myself and just filled with soo many emotions. I had a wonderful recovering and just a very small tear and my son breastfed right away and continued on for 3 years, he he! But yes the birth of my son was the most amazing experience I have ever gone through and everytime I pass the hospital I am reminded of that. I am soo looking forward to expierencing it again this August!
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