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January 6th, 2013, 02:17 AM
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I was gathering up dishes tonight, and noticed Reme had stashed his two drinking cups (the lidded type with straws that are popular) in a corner. Well Reme hasn't been here in a week. *crap*

They're moldy. Well, was the last straw.

This weekend is "Reme gets to learn how to do chores" weekend. DH's fully on board, as we had been discussing it. Now we just need to figure out a way to make it fun, so he doesn't flip his wig.

Is 7 too young to start paying him to do chores? Since he's not here all the time I was thinking a quarter a meal for taking care of his dishes (2 meals a day), a quarter to make his bed... does this sound crazy? Keep in mind Reme's got some special needs including poor fine motor skills. Doing this stuff is a challenge for him, but I think the time has come where he's got to learn. He doesn't do anything at home, and he's starting to treat DH and I like maids, and we notice that, even at his young age, he talks down on women. He's told us several times he's going to get a wife so she can do his laundry (despite the fact he sees DH do laundry frequently). Since we can't control what he does at home, he will just have to do things here with us.
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