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January 6th, 2013, 08:19 AM
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Originally Posted by PurpleStar View Post
This is baby #2 and my ab muscles went to pot super fast...its like you split right down the middle! Weird! Anyways, I've got a long torso so it looks like I swallowed a watermelon vertically - no basketball bump for me ;-) A stranger might think Im fat but for those who know me they see my bump. Im ready for it to not be questionable anymore - lol!!
Thats exactly how I look! And mine seems like my stomach popped overnight!

Originally Posted by pamela.burke611 View Post
I have a very very large bump for this stage I think.. with my daughter I literally didn't look like this until I was really far into my pregnancy I'm talking late week 20's or early 30's. Everyone and their mother notices, which I guess is fine because I do want people to see I am pregnant lol but dang with this one the weight is just piling on no matter what! Scary :/
Yeah but Pamela you have the most adorable darn bump. Your one of those cute pregnant women...the kind most of us look at with envy.

Originally Posted by ashleykathleen View Post
My bump went from bloating and still being able to suck in a bit to a hardened lower abdomen bump. It's still not round like it will be later on simply because of where my uterus is currently located. But the other day several people at work made comments about it and I wear scrubs so ya know its got to be noticeable.
Same thing as I said to pamela to you!

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