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January 6th, 2013, 08:31 AM
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Hi ladies!

My dh and I found out we were pregnant in December, after several months of TTC. We're very excited, and cautiously hoping everything sticks. I have been fertility charting for nearly a year, and based on my O date, my EDD is September 3rd.

We have an appointment January 15th with a birth center that isn't very far from our home.

I've read about, watched documentaries about and otherwise tried to learn as much as possible about natural birthing for a couple of years now, and dh and I feel that it's the direction that best fits our values and preferences. It would be awesome to be able to get to know others who've made that choice and who can offer me some valuable insight as we navigate this pregnancy and birth.

As you might have noticed from my signature, this is not my main JM account. I have another, but there are people in my life who may or may not follow my posts, and who I would prefer to keep the pregnancy quiet from until we have chosen to make it more public. I've spoken with an admin friend of mine, who's willing to allow me to do this and then merge my accounts after we've made our announcement. I hope that's okay with you all.

Looking forward to getting to know you!

*Excitedly expecting baby girl number two!*

Thank you to Babydoll213 for my fabulous siggie!
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