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January 6th, 2013, 09:25 AM
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OT tests and findings for Ryan -

HELP - Fine Motor skills at the level of a 3yo.

VMI - Difficulty following directions to do test

PEDI - below normative standard on self care and mobility

Sensory Profile -

DD - Definite Difference
TP - Typical Performance
PD - Probable Difference

Sensory Seeking Raw Score - 38 Definite Difference
Emotionally reactive Raw score - 41 definite difference
low endurance/tone Raw score - 35 DD
Oral sensitivity raw score - 29 Probable difference
Inattention/Distractibility - 16 DD
Poor registration - 26 DD
Sensory Sensitivity - 14 PD
Sedentary Raw score - 15 Typical Performance

Sensory Processing -
Auditory Processing - 21 DD
Visual processing - 25 DD
Vestibular Processing - 27 DD
Touch Processing - 57 DD
Multisensory processing - 23 DD
Oral Sensory Processing - 37 DD

Modulation -
Sensory processing related to endurance/tone - 35 DD
Body Position and movement - 31 DD
Modulation of movement affecting Activity level - 23 TP
Sensory input affecting emotional responses - 13 DD
Visual Input affecting emotional response and activity level - 13 PD

A child can be both a seeker and an avoider, Ryan is. He seeks rocking and rolling on floors, but avoids being put upside down and hates being touched from behind with no notice.

I also have test scores and evals from the school and ST, if you want to look at those.


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