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January 6th, 2013, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Keakie View Post
Yeah, we don't pay either, because no one pays us to clean up after ourselves. But I don't think it's a bad idea to offer him an incentive.

I wanted to add that we also have them clean up their own toys, including the littlest (he occasionally needs help, but I encourage him to do it on his own a lot more often). He'll complain about it the whole time (and I can't tell you how much it makes me giggle to watch him picking up his blocks, saying, "Uggghhh, I HATE cleaning. Why do I have to do EVERYTHING?!") and he usually needs some level of supervision, but it gets done.
Oh word... this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Reme. He's also a "I'm going to pick up the lego's kid. We had to buy him a mini dustpan to have it take a fraction of the time. And even then at first he tried to start putting them on the pan one at a time.

We talked about it last night, and I'm going to go buy some stickers. Each chore completed, with effort, with minimal whining earns him a sticker. Each sticker is worth something. Once he accumulates enough stickers, we will give him real money. (that way we aren't wasting our much coveted laundry quarters). If he doesn't complete the task, with enough effort, with 2 tries, we take away a quarter he has to give US a sticker (quarter). Some of this, like his bed, he will need help with. But if he's not putting out effort he not only doesn't earn a quarter, but he loses one.

DH said we should offer him extra incentives.. like if he rinses someone elses dish as well as his own (dishwasher is going to have to wait. we know he can get the plate to the counter, then drag over the stool, get it into the sink, and use the brush to wash it off... but I don't think his coordination and hand strength would let him get it into the dishwasher with out dropping it). he can earn extra stickers. since other things, like brushing his teeth are a chore (oral sensory disorder) we're going to add that one to the list too. He'd live in the tub, so I'm not going to give him quarters to bathe, he'd start demanding 20baths a day. lol.

also offering an incentive for reading. For every "age appropriate" book he and his dad read, I'll give him a quarter up to $1 a day. This one may change depending on what his IEP meeting that DH is going to says on Tuesday.
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