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January 6th, 2013, 01:24 PM
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I am pregnant with #3. I have lupus so have always been high risk. Our first DD had a complicated pregnancy, I had a partial placenta separation and she had IUGR, placenta quit functioning...I was induced at 35 weeks and it was pretty awful but i did have an epi about 14 hours in to it so it ended up being ok.

DD#2- Much less complicated than #1, no IUGR, but I did have low fluid and there were some questions about the placenta at the end and she started looking a little stressed, so I was induced at 39 weeks...Was given pitocin all day and nothing much happened. Then all of the sudden things started getting really bad so I asked for my epi (I NEVER EVER EVER planned a natural birth. EVER. lol) They told me to go pee first and as soon as I sat down to pee she just started coming. i couldn't get up or move or breathe or do anything but scream. They got me back into the bed and said I was at 10 and it was too late for an epi. They also wouldn't put anything in my IV or give me ANYTHING. The contractions were all on top of each other and it was an absolute NIGHTMARE. They were trying to get me to push and all I could do was scream and cry and I almost passed out. There was no break from contractions at all. THis went on for about 50 minutes, they realized she was hung up on my pelvic bone and also coming out face first. At this point she started having decels so they attempted to use the vacuum twice unsucessfully and then finally on the third time it worked and she came out. I tore. It was seriously so so so so horrible and scary. I really think I was traumatized by it LOL. I started having panic attacks afterward for about 6 months and I hate thinking about it at all.

Well now I am pregnant with #3. Thrilled! But sooooo terrified of what the birth will be like and I I will end up having to go through something again like last time where there is "no time" to get the epi.

I know this is the natural childbirth board and most of you LIKE doing it without drugs but I was just hoping someone could offer any sort of encouragement or anything? I have taken lots of childbirth classes and seminars and my close friend is actually a doula (and was there with #2) so I don't think it was lack of preparation....*IF* I happen to get really really lucky and do not need an induction and get to go in to labor without pit is it really true the contractions are not as bad?? At this point that is all I am clinging to LOL
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