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January 6th, 2013, 02:40 PM
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Ok so I joined ff yesterday and I have been temping for 4 days now. The first 3 days of temps stayed pretty close (97.2, 97.06, & 96.94) but today it made a humongous dip down to 93.80!! I hope it is either because I went to bed at 1:30 this morning and didn't get enough sleep before taking my temp (I've been temping at 5:30 am) or that maybe I slept with my mouth open and just didn't know it. I woke up about 25 minutes before I temped, burning up and I kicked my covers off and just had a sheet on. I dozed back off before my alarm went off for me to temp so I am hoping it was either a disrupted sleep cycle or possibly breathing through my mouth that messed it up!

I hope this isn't a sign of impending menopause!! I have had a really weird cycle this month. The day before af started I spotted light pink/brown off and on most of the day. Then the first two days of af I had medium flow with very few clots (normally I have a VERY HEAVY flow for the first 2 days with LOTS of clots) and then the last two days it has been very light with light pink flow. Normally at the end of my cycle it is light to dark brown flow/spotting. I hope it is just because of stress.

I will definitely talk to my dr about it tomorrow. I am 41 and will be 42 in August. I would hate it if I am getting ready to start menopause!! I want DH and I to at least be able to have at least 1 baby together!!!

Ok, sorry for the vent/gripe but I so desperately want to have a baby with my DH and it feels like my body is fighting against me!!!
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