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January 6th, 2013, 07:15 PM
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Jocelyn does have some lasting effects, honestly though, she has done amazingly well for her beginning. She was born at 1lb 9oz. (Well actually both were the same weight). She did suffer brain bleeds.. A grade 4 on the right side of her brain and a grade 2 on her left. (A grade 4 is the worst possible and pretty much guarantees some sort of disability). She was on the ventilator for 8 weeks and has CLD (That is the lung disease/damage that I am assuming might be part of the cause of your SS's lung issues, it happens to almost all micropreemies). Because of that she does have asthma and has had to use nebulizer/inhaler treatments in the winter and basically every time she gets sick. So I can relate to that.

She is also really small, like your SS is. She is turning 5 in April and is about 28lbs. She wears 2T size clothing and really small shoes. I am not very big, only 5'3 so that could be part.. but when they are in the NICU, they sometimes give them a lot of steroids to help their lungs and that can hinder their full growth potential. So they warned us that she would probably be petite. She doesn't have a raspy voice or anything, but they did tell us that was possible. But she does have tummy problems and gets constipated really easy.

She does have developmental delay. She didn't walk until almost 2, didn't potty train until almost 4. We are getting her evaluated to see if she may need to wait one extra year before starting school. But, she has no diagnosed disabilities so honestly, I am thrilled with her progress!
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