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January 7th, 2013, 04:20 AM
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Everything I was going to say has already been mentioned. Being forced to have a natural birth to me is just as bad as a mother who wants a natural birth and is forced into using drugs or csection. If it's not in your birth plan but at the same time it's an unnecessary intervention then it often leaves the mother traumatized. I specifically told my Doula and Midwife that if I end up needing an induction with pitocin then just hook the epi up with it. Would I have tried without? Maybe. But I've just been told so many stories of the women going through 10,12, 14 hours with pit just to end up with an epi. I'm NOT suffering through pitocin contractions just to end up with one. PLUS, in my opinion, NCB means drug free. It does NOT mean epi free. A lot of women mistake that. So if I'm already being given the pitocin, might as well give me the epi because you've already given me drugs. I don't need a medal for going through labor without an epidural. BTDT. That wasn't my purpose at all in doing it. So I fully believe that a NCB and a pitocin child birth are night and day and I don't need to experience the pitocin to believe it.
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