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January 7th, 2013, 11:27 AM
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So I was on the dr. Sears site and came across this article about a high need baby. I was really surprised how much it fit my little girl.

12 Features of a High Need Baby | Ask Dr. Sears®

If we do not pay her attention she goes 0-60 is 10 seconds. I am not one to just let her cry it out. And she loves to fall asleep on me or beside me or while being worn. She also doesn't sleep really hard and likes to suckle a lot. She doesn't always nurse when she is suckling she just wants something to suck on. She was tounge tied when she was born and we have had some latch problems so I am holding off on the pacifier and bottles. Plus the dh would just give her a bottle even when she is not hungry.

Anyone else's baby like mine?

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