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January 7th, 2013, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by bcogoli View Post
Oh sweetie you did not fail! Sometimes things like this happen and there is no reason and its not anyones fault. I do kind of understand how you feel but i dont want you to feel like you failed. Hopefully the next time will be alot easier.
So after almost a month of waiting for the baby to "fall out on its own" (I kid you not, that is the words the doctor said to me), I went in today to have it cut out because I have "yet to pass anything". The baby is alive and growing just fine, 5 days ahead of schedule in fact. ***??!! I have gone a month suffering through family and friends and Christmas and looks and comments about needing to have a D&C because it could be rotting in there making me sick... I've taken Prozac, ibuprofen, had a drink, haven't eaten right, haven't taken my vitamins, haven't done anything I'm supposed to do as a pregnant mother and done everything I shouldn't!! Now this doctor says "hmmm that's interesting." I freaked!! He said "you can be mad at me, your husband or yourself but don't be mad at this baby". Are you kidding me!! I'm pissed at the "doctor"!! He said he recommends genetic testing that way we can be 98% sure it is normal or not. And if it has 20 eyes and 60 fingers, I can decide to have an invasive procedure to terminate." WHAT?!?! If something IS wrong it's his fault for being a f*cking moron and my fault for trusting him!!! I am freaking out. I don't know how to feel or what to think! Please advise me.
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