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January 7th, 2013, 12:35 PM
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Name: Mana

EDD: 9.9.13

Team Blue/Pink/Green: Green! I am so excited to find out the old fashioned way

Baby name if known: Oh my goodness, you don't even want to know what a trial picking TWO names is going to be... we probably won't be able to decide until after the baby is here!

Planning to birth at home, hospital, or birth center: Right now the plan is at home, but I'm also open to a birth center. I almost feel like I'd be more comfortable there since it would be laid out in a way that would be easy to move around. My house, not so much. Plus hubby is a bit skeptical, but I have plenty of time to decide and work on it

How are you feeling? Awesome! Very excited to be pregnant again to add the fourth and final human member to the family And I'm hoping all of the first trimester ickies (especially nausea and utter exhaustion) stay away for as long as possible!

Anything exciting or that concerns you lately? I'm pregnant! That's pretty exciting

Any belly pics to share?! Not yet! Maybe in a couple months if I start looking pregnant and not just bloated

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