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January 7th, 2013, 03:31 PM
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They sound pretty similar. SS is 7 and wears size 5 *some* size 6 and still fits into some 4s. He wears a size 12 shoe now which is the same size as my low average size nephew does and he is 4 years old. He does have the CLD which is not completely like asthma for him but thats what most of the time the doctors use to describe it. He had lots of steriods and was on pulmicort regularly until about 3. He's just on xoponex now. He had a hard time potty training and I wasn't around when he started walking but it was around 17 - 18 months. He still has a very hard time running, jumping and pedaling a bike. His knees never formed correctly from being in the NICU. As far as school, he probably would have done better being held back a year. His birthday is in september so had he been born on time he would have missed the deadline anyway and would be in 1st now instead of 2nd. He did ok in Kinder but struggled in 1st with reading. I'm a sped teacher so I pushed him hard this summer long and he finally caught on to reading. He struggles greatly with attention though and getting his work done. He is very immature for his age. We struggle with that issue daily. Overall though I'm impressed that he's been keeping up with his peers as much as he has. They don't seem to notice the immaturity but he tends to pick friends that are also immature. Not so great sometimes because he doesn't have great peer role models.

I think for some kids holding them back works best. I think in my SSs case it would have been in his best interest because most of the time he feels like the lowest in the class and if he was held back he would be on top. He also wouldn't be that far off in age from kids since most in his grade are older than him. He is by far one of the youngest.

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