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January 7th, 2013, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by MarlowesMum View Post
On that note...funny story. When the OB was stitching me up, she apparently started the stitching process without her usual lighting set up (it's like a movie set down there). The nurse was like, "OH - let me get your lights for you!" And the OB kind of waived her off and was like, no, it's fine. Which is when I piped up...No really, let her get the lights for you, I don't need you sewing the wrong hole closed. I don't think she appreciated my humor...because I'm fairly certain that she did throw in a few extranneous and unnecessary stitches down there.
Funny...I had completely TD posited experience. The doc kept telling me to relax & put my butt down since I completely tensed up since everything felt so mangled. I remember asking if he was done yet & him replying - this is more important than plastic surgery...I need to take my time!

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