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January 7th, 2013, 04:02 PM
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I agree. Kids know when they repeat and studies show it can have a serious impact on finishing school...whereas if they start older they don't see the difference. Everyone has their own opinion though.

As far as getting lost in the school system, it really depends on the school district and even down to the school and teachers themselves. I've seen kids come in with DDs and on paper you might think they are ok and then come to find out they can hardly write their name in 1st grade. Kids can only be DD until the day they turn 7 and most districts want to hurry up and get that label gone because re-evals are time consuming. I've never worked in a Montessori-based center but I have had kids come from them and sometimes it works out great. They did much better there than they did at a structured school but *most* of the time when you have a kid with special needs they tend to do better in a structured environment. Schools *should* have leveled reading programs set up and RTI (response to intervention) if not and you go the public school route don't be afriad to throw that out there. I had a kid come from a public montessori based alternative learning center. It was actually a set of siblings across many grade levels and three with IEPs. One that was coming to my caseload did not yet have an IEP but the school was on their way to getting her one. Mostly due to behavior issues. She was slightly delayed in some areas. After less than a week in a structured co-taught/inclusion classroom she had zero behavior issues and was one of the top students in the class academically. It was amazing to see how different environments can really make or break a student. Overall you will know what works best for your daughter and if its not working speak up and have something done about it.

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