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January 8th, 2013, 08:27 AM
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I feel pretty yucky most of the time but I've only thrown up one time. It was terrible last pregnancy. Sometimes I really thought I might die. Lol
I couldn't keep anything down some days, i had it for like 16 weeks. This time around I seem to be handling it better. Mind over matter I guess? I just tell myself not to throw up ( I really really hate to throw up and I can't afford to lose weight) and I don't. I'll gag a lot which is gross, annoying and embarrassing but I'll take that any day over spending my day hugging a toilet. I don't have time for that with a 1yr old. I do have to eat more often and drink something carbonated to help idegestion. I'm just so glad I'm not throwing up several times a day. I hope the same is happening for y'all!
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