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January 8th, 2013, 09:18 AM
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Thinking that maybe itís time to introduce myself now too.

Iím Brooke, I have a 16 year old from a previous relationship. A one year old from my SO, and two soon to be stepchildren that are 13 and 10.
Iím also pregnant-again- haha- and due on March 30th.

This makes a total of 5 kids for us, and I feel really bad for SO because we have ALL GIRLS!

SO and I are set to get married on August 24th.

Honestly Iím pretty happy with how things have turned out. I went from having 1 kid for 14 years to having 5 kids in under 2 years. It sure is crazy how life happens.

We are done though with kids, Iím getting my tubes tied after this one. Financially I just donít think we can handle anymore. SO pays a whopping amount of child support for the two from his ex marriage.
My oldest daughter lives in the basement, she has a finished basement and the stinker has the biggest bedroom in the house. She loves it!
My two stepdaughters share a room (we have them 50% of the time)
And my baby has her own room but will be sharing once this baby moves out of our room.

I currently work part-time and am thinking about quitting entirely but just canít seem to do it. I like having the money to buy things and pay for extra things that are needed or wanted. Like nice birthdays and Christmas for the kids. Plus my income is helping to pay for the wedding coming up. Even though Iím doing it really cheap (Iím very frugal) you still need some money to throw a wedding. However with two babies in daycare there really wonít be any extra money once that bill is paid. My 16 year old has offered to watch the babies for the summer so I can continue working if I like ( I pay her about half of what I would pay a daycare)

So thatís me and my life in a nutshell.

dd15 born weighing 6 pds 2 ounces, 19 inches. 12-3-96
dd9 months born weighing 6 pds 5 ounces, 19 1/2 inches. 12-22-2011
Expecting baby #3 ANOTHER GIRL!!!!!!! woot woot

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