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January 8th, 2013, 10:06 AM
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The one thing that helps me most (I did not have it with DS, and I actually ended up in the ER at 7 weeks because I couldnt keep anything down and became very dehydrated) is my perscription and eating small amounts through the entire day. It took a few days for the medicine to really work and kick in, so I was super sick and not eating anything for about 5 days before the medicine was working enough that I could eat without feeing miserable. Now that I have been able to keep eating small amounts of food through the entire day, I dont have to take my perscription every day. But I still have some days that just suck really badly. Today is one of those days. I tend to feel "yucky" almost all day on most days but I feel down right sick today. Fun stuff...
I had to take zofran last time! It gave me a headache but I really think it was a life saver
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